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Custom Skateboard Rack

Custom skateboard rack

Matt created this custom skateboard rack to house all of Ezra’s skateboards. Painted with ASCP in graphite and emblazoned with his initials, it keeps all of Ezra’s boards neat and organized.

Before and After Side Table

Painted side table

This cute little side table was painted with Aspire in prestige. The hardware was coated with a black pearl metallic paint, and the piece was lightly distressed and dark waxed.

Sewing Table

Sewing table - re-imagining and painting

Here’s another beautiful antique sewing table turned serving station. Using a router, Matt sunk a 12″ x 18″ baking pan into the top so that it can be opened up and hold ice and drinks for parties. Painted with a mixture of ASCP old white and french linen.

Nigel’s Bedroom Set

Painted dresser

Nigel had a dated, mismatched bedroom set that wasn’t entirely suitable for a teenage boy. So after painting his bedside table previously, I decided to paint his dressers to match (Aspire endless and inspire). With a new bed set, his room looks much better!

Ezra’s bedroom set

Painted dresser

My son Ezra spent years beating up on this bedroom set. As long as he promised to stop using the dresser as a backdrop for throwing knives, I agreed to give it an overhaul with ASCP in graphite.

Rocking Chair

Reupholstered and painted rocker

This old rocking chair got a facelift with a coat of Aspire vitality and brand new fun upholstery.

Up-Cycled Memo Board

Upcycled memo board

Using a bunch of found objects from around my house, I created this upcycled memo board to display pictures, holiday cards, etc.   

China Cabinet

  This old china cabinet was given new life with Aspire paint in vintage. It has a light and two glass shelves in the upper part, and a drawer and shelf in the lower.

Beautiful Antique Bureau

This beautiful old bureau was transformed with prestige coloured Aspire paint and new hardware, giving it an antique look.

Desk Organizer 

Painted desk organizer

This knotty pine desk organizer was given a facelift with Aspire in endless and an inspire wash.  The drawer pull was painted silver, giving it a more contemporary feel.