More Signs

    Yes…I know…our house has entirely too many signs.

Family Sign

To acknowledge our marriage and purchase of a new home in 2016, I created this family sign for Matt. You can’t tell by the picture, but it measures around 18″ x 24″, and now hangs by our back door.

The Corner Cupboard

More often than not, I forget to take “before” pictures. This cupboard (located in our family room) was previously an interesting shade of sage green, which really didn’t match with any of the warm tones in the house. I used Aspire chalk paint in “vitality” and dark wax to transform it. 

The Quilt Ladder

When quilts are this colorful, it seems a shame to keep them hidden in a cupboard.

Take your shoes off and stay a while!

This bench in our entryway has seen a number of different finishes, but I really like this latest look.  It’s a little distressed, a little rustic, and a great match for the rest of our home’s color pallet.

“First door on the right!”

Giving guests directions to the washroom is now much easier.  Although, in our small ranch style home, it was never difficult to begin with!  We still enjoy this nice accent in the hallway.

Boat Paddle Welcome Sign

  This was an idea found on Pinterest, built with materials we had on hand, and tweaked to fit our style!

Hello again!

This is our doubly up-cycled sign!  Last summer we made a “hello” sign by cutting the word out on the band saw and painting it white.  It was simple, fun and inviting.  Then one day the wind blew too hard and the sign fell and was dashed to pieces.  I repaired it as best I…


I recently purchased a book of puzzles to build.  These two were my first built from the plans within.  Making puzzles is definitely a good way to practice precision, accuracy, and consistency in the shop.