Potting bench

So we’ve been busy enjoying our new house, and haven’t been doing a lot of furniture painting this summer. However, Matt did build me a potting bench out of reclaimed wood, complete with a custom hand painted sign. ūüôā


I thought I would make a box for my dad, to keep his old combat knife in.  I miscalculated the interior dimensions though, so needed to make a second one of the proper size.  Not a terrible mistake though, as the other box holds other small items and looks just as nice as the gift given to my dad!


End table

This adorable little end table had the solid maple top refinished in an espresso stain, and the base painted with Folk Art oatmeal chalk paint. Lightly distressed, waxed, and viola!


Painted with Aspire genuine and sealed with final finish.

Custom Rocker

This old rocking chair was in need of help.  The joints were creaky, the finish was marred and the upholstery was dated.  Luckily the owner had a great style already in mind, and brought us the fabric she liked and requested white paint with a lightly distressed finish.  After repairing the woodwork, sanding, painting, and reupholstering, it turned out beautifully.

A box for Nigel

For Nigel’s birthday I wanted to give him something handmade and special. ¬†This box I made from Black Walnut, Maple, and Cherry, with a cedar lining. ¬†It features a hinged lid, movable tray and a “secret” compartment. ¬†The day after his birthday, it was already filled with important things like pocket change (undoubtedly stolen from my jar), his wallet, a couple photos, and bubble gum.

Making the best of a mistake. 

 Sometimes we make mistakes. While building a table from pallet wood, I was experimenting with a new technique and ended up ruining the table top. The boards were too thin for making a table, but good for making this box.
So, this is how I’ve made the most of my mistake!

Before and after side table

This cute little side table was painted with Aspire in prestige. The hardware was coated with a black pearl metallic paint, and the piece was lightly distressed and dark waxed.

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Reclaimed Wood Table

This table is made not only from reclaimed pallet wood, but from the scraps of other pallet wood projects.  It was a fun challenge to get the absolute MOST out of the material.  The table stands at about 2 feet tall and might be perfect for holding up a couple beverages on a deck, dock or patio.


Church window frame

This magnificent old church window frame had been banged about during transportation, leaving gouges and uneven stain. Matt repaired it, re-stained it, and mounted it using french cleats. It turned out beautifully.