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The Corner Cupboard

More often than not, I forget to take “before” pictures. This cupboard (located in our family room) was previously an interesting shade of sage green, which really didn’t match with any of the warm tones in the house. I used Aspire chalk paint in “vitality” and dark wax to transform it. DSC_1029.JPG


The Quilt Ladder


When quilts are this colorful, it seems a shame to keep them hidden in a cupboard.

Take your shoes off and stay a while!


This bench in our entryway has seen a number of different finishes, but I really like this latest look.  It’s a little distressed, a little rustic, and a great match for the rest of our home’s color pallet.

“First door on the right!”

Giving guests directions to the washroom is ow much easier.  Although, in our small ranch style home, it was never difficult to begin with!  We still enjoy this nice accent in the hallway.DSC_1027

Boat Paddle Welcome Sign


This was an idea found on Pinterest, built with materials we had on hand, and tweaked to fit our style!

Hello again!

This is our doubly up-cycled sign!  Last summer we made a “hello” sign by cutting the word out on the band saw and painting it white.  It was simple, fun and inviting.  Then one day the wind blew too hard and the sign fell and was dashed to pieces.  I repaired it as best I could, and it lasted until the next big windstorm.  At that point it would have looked like Dr. Frankenstein’s sign if tried the same repairs.  Instead, I decided to use some old pallet boards to nail together a sturdy back for the lettering and give it a more “rustic” look.

Pizza Peel

We love pizza!  Making it at home is even better!  So I made this pizza peel that works as a cutting/serving board as well.  Finished with a food safe mix of mineral oil and beeswax, it makes getting hot pies out of the oven safer, easier, and fun(er?)!

Boxes For Christmas

I made a couple boxes for Christmas gifts this year.  Here they are!dsc_0986

This watch box features a glass lid for displaying a man’s fancy watches, as well as a special place underneath for keeping rings and other small valuables.  I made it with oak (stained dark) and maple.dsc_0987dsc_0989

This jewelry box was made specifically for hanging necklaces while still fitting on the shelf of a young lady’s desk.  It is somewhat rustic looking with it’s box joints and brass hardware.  I made it from some hardwood pallet wood, that I think may be cherry, but I am not certain.  I’m really happy with the instant heirloom look this piece took when it was finally done and rubbed down with a bit of tung oil.dsc_0992

Potting bench

So we’ve been busy enjoying our new house, and haven’t been doing a lot of furniture painting this summer. However, Matt did build me a potting bench out of reclaimed wood, complete with a custom hand painted sign. 🙂

I thought I would make a box for my dad, to keep his old combat knife in.  I miscalculated the interior dimensions though, so needed to make a second one of the proper size.  Not a terrible mistake though, as the other box holds other small items and looks just as nice as the gift given to my dad!