The Shed

Last summer, I got inspired by the “she shed” trend and decided that we should convert  our 10′ x 12′ shed full of junk into a functional space. We started by removing all the makeshift shelves and junk, and installing some large windows that we picked up from Habitat for Humanity for $160. This summer,…

Barn Doors

Using reclaimed hardware from an old barn, Matt created custom barn doors to divide our garage into “his” workshop, and “my” paint shop. Unfortunately my side has been taken over by outdoor furniture, bikes, and junk. Approximate size: 6′ tall by 8′ wide.

Family Sign

To acknowledge our marriage and purchase of a new home in 2016, I created this family sign for Matt. You can’t tell by the picture, but it measures around 18″ x 24″, and now hangs by our back door.

The Corner Cupboard

More often than not, I forget to take “before” pictures. This cupboard (located in our family room) was previously an interesting shade of sage green, which really didn’t match with any of the warm tones in the house. I used Aspire chalk paint in “vitality” and dark wax to transform it. 

“First door on the right!”

Giving guests directions to the washroom is now much easier.  Although, in our small ranch style home, it was never difficult to begin with!  We still enjoy this nice accent in the hallway.

Potting bench

So we’ve been busy enjoying our new house, and haven’t been doing a lot of furniture painting this summer. However, Matt did build me a potting bench out of reclaimed wood, complete with a custom hand painted sign. 🙂

Framed wall art

I didn’t want to spend a lot…well, actually, I didn’t want to spend anything on wall art appropriately sized to go above my couch. So Matt and I refashioned some frames into an interesting (and free) wall display.