Decor items

Family Sign

Handpainted wooden sign

To acknowledge our marriage and purchase of a new home in 2016, I created this family sign for Matt. You can’t tell by the picture, but it measures around 18″ x 24″, and now hangs by our back door.

Jewelry Armoire

Re-imagined mirror

I recently decided that a previously painted mirror would double as a great jewelry armoire. So we built one that can discreetly house a bunch of jewelry.

Wooden Signs

Handpainted wooden sign

We’ve created a lot of wooden signs lately, both as gifts and as examples for our sign painting workshops.

Up-Cycled Memo Board

Upcycled memo board

Using a bunch of found objects from around my house, I created this upcycled memo board to display pictures, holiday cards, etc.   

Desk Organizer 

Painted desk organizer

This knotty pine desk organizer was given a facelift with Aspire in endless and an inspire wash.  The drawer pull was painted silver, giving it a more contemporary feel.    

Pallet Sign

Wooden sign

In commemoration of a friend’s 20th anniversary, we created a pallet board sign that will be used for guests to write their well-wishes.

Live Edge Coat Racks

Live edge wood coatrack

We found some neat looking live edge wood planks and fashioned them into coat racks using a variety of found knobs.

Reclaimed Windows

Reclaimed stool and window

We recently had the good fortune of visiting an old farmhouse where we came across some awesome old windows. A little paint and creativity, and they’re an awesome addition to a home’s indoor or outdoor decor.

Up-Cycled Window Box

Upcycled window box

Old windows + old pallet wood + some paint and creativity = up-cycled window box. Wall mountable, or stand alone, this up-cycled window box is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Chalk painted with Folk Art paint in oatmeal.

Up-Cycled Headboard Turned Message Centre

Upcycled headboard message centre

This old headboard was re-imagined into a hallway message centre by adding a chalkboard, mirror, bulletin board, shelf, and multiple hooks. It was painted with Folk Art chalk paint in oatmeal and riverwalk, and then antiqued.