Updated Buffet

This buffet needed some repairs to make the drawers and cupboards fit properly. It was then chalk painted grey, glazed with black, and sealed with matte polyurethane to give it an updated look.      

Upcycled Headboard Bench

Here’s a cute little garden bench that we made from an upcycled (aka curbside) headboard and footboard.

A Box for a Friend

This was an overdue gift for a good friend living overseas. I finished it a while ago, but wanted to wait until she received it before posting anything here and ruining the surprise. A box inside a box, with another gift inside the inside box.

Refinished Dining Set

Here’s a recently completed dining room set (table, 6 chairs and small buffet) that we sanded/stripped, stained and refinished to completely update the look for a lovely couple in LaSalle.  

Sewing Chair

I picked up this chair not realizing that it is actually a sewing chair equipped with a drawer for storing supplies and spools of thread. I gave it a facelift with black chalk paint and a fun fabric.

Jewelry Armoire

I recently decided that a previously painted mirror would double as a great jewelry armoire. So we built one that can discreetly house a bunch of jewelry.

Dining Set

I picked up this dining set from a local painter for a fantastic deal. The table top was stained and scratched, the leather on the chairs was cracking, and it definitely needed a face-lift. I sanded and stained the table top, reupholstered the chairs, and painted the table base and chairs. I used a light…

The Shed

Last summer, I got inspired by the “she shed” trend and decided that we should convert  our 10′ x 12′ shed full of junk into a functional space. We started by removing all the makeshift shelves and junk, and installing some large windows that we picked up from Habitat for Humanity for $160. This summer,…

Various Furniture

I really like the look of refinished wood combined with cream chalk paint that has been slightly distressed. I’ve done multiple pieces using this combination recently.  

Barn Doors

Using reclaimed hardware from an old barn, Matt created custom barn doors to divide our garage into “his” workshop, and “my” paint shop. Unfortunately my side has been taken over by outdoor furniture, bikes, and junk. Approximate size: 6′ tall by 8′ wide.