Trailer Update

At long last, we have been able to dedicate some time to getting Jezebel rebuilt, and (almost) functional. While we used Heng’s roof sealer to seal the roof in the fall, there was a section where the roof met the side of the trailer that still had a bit of a leak in the spring. It required removing the trim/edging pieces (apologies for my lack of technical terminology), using Eternabond and butyl tape, and eventually getting it watertight.

We gutted the entire interior so that we could assess the damage and determine what needed replacing—a large section of the floor and some areas of the upper walls. While we were at it, we also re-panelled the ceiling and rebuilt the bathroom (a little wider than it had been previously).

Oh, and when I say “we,” I use the term very loosely. 🙂

I repainted the exterior, replacing the blue stripes with purple, because, well, blue is my least favourite colour, and purple is my most favourite.

And then used my Cricut to make a stencil for painting her name on the outside.