The Boat Rack

Matt built a boat rack for our canoe and kayaks in the backyard. He used traditional mortise and tenon joinery. Unlike me, who forgets to take “before” pictures . . . Matt takes “every step of the way” pictures. 🙂

First, he cut the lumber down to size, and then he cut the tenons on what would be the arms of the boat rack.

Once the tenons were all cut and cleaned up, the mortises were drilled and chiselled to fit. They needed to follow the same angle as the tenons and have a snug fit to give the joint strength.

After the joints were finessed into a proper fit, the excess tenon on the back was cut flush, and the joints were drilled and pegged with a dowel.

Then it was just a matter of installing the posts in concrete, at the same height, plumb, and parallel!

Some tricks for doing this alone:

  • Set the outer posts first, then match the middle to their height with a taut string.
  • Zip ties (or twine) can act as a third hand when it comes to holding your level for when you want to check for plumb.
  • Quick-Set fence post concrete is your friend! Just make sure you put some gravel for drainage at the bottom of the hole.
  • Brace as you go if you need to.