Another Box

Handmade wooden box - custom woodwork

Solid Black Walnut, with a Maple handle for the lid.

A Box for Nigel

Handmade wooden box - custom woodwork

For Nigel’s birthday I wanted to give him something handmade and special. This box I made from Black Walnut, Maple, and Cherry, with a cedar lining.  It features a hinged lid, movable tray and a “secret” compartment.  The day after his birthday, it was already filled with important things like pocket change (undoubtedly stolen from my jar), his wallet, a couple photos, and bubble gum.

Making the Best of a Mistake

Handmade wooden box - custom woodwork

Sometimes we make mistakes. While building a table from pallet wood, I was experimenting with a new technique and ended up ruining the table top. The boards were too thin for making a table, but good for making this box. So, this is how I’ve made the most of my mistake!