Reclaimed Wood Table

This table is made not only from reclaimed pallet wood, but from the scraps of other pallet wood projects.  It was a fun challenge to get the absolute MOST out of the material.  The table stands at about 2 feet tall and might be perfect for holding up a couple beverages on a deck, dock or patio.

Up-cycled Window Box

Old windows + old pallet wood + some paint and creativity = up-cycled window box. Wall mountable, or stand alone, this up-cycled window box is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Chalk painted with Folk Art paint in oatmeal.

Pizza Peel

We love pizza!  Making it at home is even better!  So I made this pizza peel that works as a cutting/serving board as well.  Finished with a food safe mix of mineral oil and beeswax, it makes getting hot pies out of the oven safer, easier, and fun(er?)!

Another Box

Solid Black Walnut, with a Maple handle for the lid.

Quilt Ladder

When quilts are this colorful, it seems a shame to keep them hidden in a cupboard. So Matt made me a quilt ladder to display them.

A Box for Nigel

For Nigel’s birthday I wanted to give him something handmade and special. This box I made from Black Walnut, Maple, and Cherry, with a cedar lining.  It features a hinged lid, movable tray and a “secret” compartment.  The day after his birthday, it was already filled with important things like pocket change (undoubtedly stolen from my jar), his wallet, a couple photos, and bubble gum.

Making the Best of a Mistake

Sometimes we make mistakes. While building a table from pallet wood, I was experimenting with a new technique and ended up ruining the table top. The boards were too thin for making a table, but good for making this box. So, this is how I’ve made the most of my mistake!