Lobster Trap Ottoman

This bench/ottoman was made from an old lobster trap. We love it when clients bring us odd projects to challenge our creativity! The lobster trap is actually upside down in the final product.Β  As you can see, the “top” of the trap is round . . . which is why I went with a simple cradle design for the base. The cradle is made from pallet wood and stained to match the aged wood of the trap itself. The ends of the base had to be custom cut to match…
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Our New Sign

Because we work out of our home (or garage to be more precise), we have to comply with local bylaws regarding signage. I didn’t want a super flashy sign for the business, but rather something understated that blended in with the landscape, and could eventually be embellished with rustic treasures and some flowers. I made the sign last year, using my Cricut and an old address signboard from the previous homeowners. Matt constructed the post using three blind mortise and tenon joints, and no nails. Doesn’t he look proud of…
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The Boat Rack

Matt built a boat rack for our canoe and kayaks in the backyard. He used traditional mortise and tenon joinery. Unlike me, who forgets to take “before” pictures . . . Matt takes “every step of the way” pictures. πŸ™‚ First, he cut the lumber down to size, and then he cut the tenons on what would be the arms of the boat rack. Once the tenons were all cut and cleaned up, the mortises were drilled and chiselled to fit. They needed to follow the same angle as the…
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Custom Bedside Tables

Matt built these rustic bedside tables for one of our friends. He forgot to take decent before pictures (story of my life) but fortunately, our friend has a knack for staging, so the after pics are pretty sweet.

Chicken Incubator

This extremely unique piece came from my former work colleague who also brought me the rhino table to refinish. Where she finds these unusual pieces, I’m not quite sure. Matt removed the excess metal bits, patched a hole, fashioned wooden plugs for the metal tubes, and then completely rebuilt the door on the front and fitted it with new glass. I restained it using Minwax Bombay Mahogany and gave it a satin finish, being careful to leave the original decals from the Hamilton Incubator Co. intact.

Potting Bench

handmade wooden potting bench

So we’ve been busy enjoying our new house, and haven’t been doing a lot of furniture painting this summer. However, Matt did build me a potting bench out of reclaimed wood, complete with a custom hand-painted sign. πŸ™‚

The Quilt Ladder

handmade quilt ladder

When quilts are this colourful, it seems a shame to keep them hidden in a cupboard.

Barn Doors

Second Milled Furniture Co. - Barn doors

Using reclaimed hardware from an old barn, Matt created custom barn doors to divide our garage into β€œhis” workshop, and β€œmy” paint shop. Unfortunately my side has been taken over by outdoor furniture, bikes, and junk. Approximate size: 6β€² tall by 8β€² wide.

Sugar Shack Stool

Handmade wooden stool

This rustic stool was crafted from found wood at an old sugar shack. The seat is made from box elder and the legs are made of sugar maple.

Up-Cycled Headboard Bench

Handmade up-cycled headboard bench - custom woodwork

Here’s a cute little garden bench that we made from an upcycled (aka curbside) headboard and footboard.