Refinished furniture

Bar Stool Update

These bar stools were an obnoxious shade of orange and didn’t match the custom bar that my client had made. We sanded and refinished them to be a much closer match.

Dresser Top Fix

The top of this dresser had something spilled on it, causing the finish to bubble and the wood underneath to stain. The top was stripped, sanded and restored using Minwax PolyShades in Bombay Mahogany.

Table Top Redo

This poor table top had numerous white water marks in the factory paint. The client wanted it black(ish) but with some wood grain visible. After sanding/stripping the table (not once, but twice), and trying several different stain colours and polyurethanes, we finally got the table top to match the legs as closely as possible.

Dining Set Update

This old set was previously finished in the honey oak style of the 1990s. It was updated to a warm chesnut colour and given a fresh finish.

Backyard Barstools

I picked up these three knotty pine barstools recently (second hand… of course), and painted the bases to match our house shutters. The seats were refinished with Jacobean stain and several layers of outdoor polyurethane so that they’d stand up to the elements in the backyard. Now to convince Matt to build a bar counter top for them…

12-Drawer Dresser

This big beauty was a pain to refinish, as it was painted with LAYERS of thick orange paint. Fortunately, once I got the paint off, I realized that it was solid hardwood underneath rather than pine as I had anticipated. The top and drawer fronts were refinished in Jacobean stain and satin polyurethane, and the sides and drawer pulls were painted in black satin acrylic.

Chicken Incubator

This extremely unique piece came from my former work colleague who also brought me the rhino table to refinish. Where she finds these unusual pieces, I’m not quite sure. Matt removed the excess metal bits, patched a hole, fashioned wooden plugs for the metal tubes, and then completely rebuilt the door on the front and fitted it with new glass. I restained it using Minwax Bombay Mahogany and gave it a satin finish, being careful to leave the original decals from the Hamilton Incubator Co. intact.

Driftwood Coffee table

This curbside find was given new life with a weathered grey stain on the top, and grey painted base.

Country Dining Set

This country-style dining set was given an overhaul using perception Aspire mineral chalk paint on the legs and seat backs, and espresso Polyshades for the seats and tabletop.

Another Curbside Desk

This curbside desk was brought to us for an overhaul for my future son-in-law Ryan’s family. After Matt completed some repairs, Gwen and Ryan helped to get it sanded over the holidays. It was refinished using Varathane dark walnut stain and a satin poly coat.